Our Catholic school is part of the Catholic Church. We work in partnership with our local parish and priests in order to enrich the spiritual life of the students, staff and families of our school, especially through the celebration of the Sacraments.

St Agnes Catholic Primary School Matraville students praying in church

Our students grow in faith through their participation in liturgies and prayer, reconciliation and the Sacramental program, led by our parish priest and his team, facilitated by our REC and Family Educator.

Parish Priest, Fr Laurie Cauchi and Assistant Priest Father Paul, our REC and Family Educator assist in strengthening the faith of the students as they take an active role in leading sacramental programs, liturgies and the prayer life of the community. The content of each of the Sacraments is taught by our teachers.


  • Reconciliation: Year 2
  • First Eucharist: Year 3
  • Confirmation: Year 6 every year