As part of Sydney Catholic Schools, we employ highly qualified and competent teachers who are accredited by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). To continuously improve our practice, teachers also work towards the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, from proficient teacher to lead teacher level.

The delivery of quality curriculum, pedagogy (teaching methods) and assessment is ensured by our system of schools through the provision of contemporary NESA accredited professional learning in a range of modes. Our Centres of Excellence offer online learning and external face-to-face courses, and timely, collaborative and relevant in-situ learning take place within the context of each classroom. Sydney Catholic Schools’ teachers are strongly committed to their ongoing learning, with many having completed, or are currently undertaking, postgraduate studies in areas related to curriculum, student wellbeing, special education, theology, pastoral care and leadership.

Our teachers are challenged to continually improve and hold high expectations of themselves as lifelong learners in their chosen profession. Their learning experiences include their engagement with their annual personalised performance goal setting, reflection and peer feedback, regular professional learning sessions aligned with the teaching standards, as well as regular meeting time to collaboratively design and plan teaching programs. Teachers may also personalise their professional learning to meet the needs of their students by attending a course of learning to develop skills in the required area.

Significant school-based professional learning in recent years has been aligned with our school improvement focus areas of literacy and mathematics.